Mini Joystick with Hall effect technology

Dome is an extremely light, sensitive and effective electronic driving device for users with no, limited or compromised use of the hands.

The mechanical parts are of high quality, no moving parts are made of plastic.

• Magnet for the operation of the sensors and for their return to zero (without internal springs)
• Operating force: 0.1 N (10g)
• Compatible with all wheelchairs equipped with DB9 attachment
• Direct attack on Rnet and Linx systems
• Positioning system with 2 joints and 2 brackets



Finger Ring


Cork ball


Sfera in PU


No Interface

Technical features

DB9 connection with proportional output
(12 V power supply via DB9)
Operating force 10 g


Reliability of the product

Tests and Certifications

Compliance with:
EN 12184: 2014
ISO 7176-14: 2008
ISO 7176-21: 2009

Fatigue test (500 h of continuous operation)

Test and calibration of every single Mini Joystick

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